Wood Fired Pizza Ovens – Why They are Here to Stay!

Every country has its own style of food, and its own ways of preparing and cooking food, one of the ways that seems to have taken off all over the world is cooking pizzas in a wood fired pizza oven. Wood fired pizza ovens are here to stay thanks to not only its popularity worldwide but the benefits this style of oven provides.
  • Wood fired ovens reach a higher temperature and it’s a well-known fact that Italian chefs prefer cooking in ovens, they love that these ovens can reach higher temperatures, which changes the dynamics of cooking – for the better. The temperature reached by a wood fired pizza oven allows the dough to rise rapidly which means the pizza when cooked will be nice and crispy on the outside, while staying soft on the inside. Pizza dough has a better texture when cooked in a wood fired pizza.
  • Pizza ovens give an even heat distribution which is why Italian chefs love pizza ovens, it allows all food to be cooked evenly. This happens because the heat inside the oven tends to be uniform and not inconsistent. Unfortunately, this is an issue with modern household ovens. With a wood fired oven you gain a consistency in heat that you just can’t achieve through modern ovens.
  • Wood fired pizza ovens give all your food a unique smoky flavour. Using wood inside an oven is part of the charm, food cooked in a wood fired oven always has a smoky flavour, add to that a wonderful aroma that can only be achieved when food is cooked using wood as the fuel. It doesn’t matter if you are a vegetarian or not the flavour and aroma is an added part of the experience of eating your own homemade wood fired pizza.
  • Pizza ovens are far more economical than your modern oven. You will find that all *high-end* Italian restaurants around the world use wood fired ovens, while one reason is that the wood gives food that smoky taste and aroma, these ovens are far more economical to use. A wood fired oven, once started can last for a whole day with minimal use of wood. Wood fired ovens can do this because they channel and retain heat very efficiently. In contrast a regular gas or electric oven if used all day can be quite expensive. When it comes to wood VS electricity, wood tends to be the cheaper fuel.
  • Wood fired pizza ovens are fun to use! They are great for outdoor parties as guest will enjoy watching uncooked pizzas going in and minutes later well cooked, hot, steamy and fresh pizza’s coming out. You’ll soon find the pizza oven is the star of the party!
  • Everyone loves pizza and most people have a frozen one sitting in their fridge as a quick last minute meal or snack. Now you can not only make your own pizzas at home and cook them to perfection, you can also cook pizzas according to your own likes and dislikes. With a wood fired pizza oven you can transform a meal into a fantastic experience.
  • Imagine getting to build a pizza oven in your own backyard! It’s there and it’s yours forever. Pizzas taste so much better from a wood fired oven because it comes into contact with the smoke from the wood you are burning – this gives you that great flavour you just can’t get from an electric pizza maker.
  • Pizza comes out a lot crisper on the outside and they are evenly cooked throughout, the moisture from the toppings and dough are release just enough so you get that soft chewy pizza base with the toppings cooked perfectly.
  • A pizza oven in your own back yard is a great way to get together as a family and do something *as one* Pizza ovens get everyone out of the house, off the PC and away from the TV, and everyone can work together from making dough to preparing the toppings. You’ll always have helpful volunteers every time you cook.
  • Your guests will be so impressed, arrange an outside party around your pizza oven, provide snacks and nibbles and chat while your pizzas cook. As they are ready in no time you can cook more and more as they are needed.
  • With your own pizza oven, you can do more than just cook pizzas, you can do meat, vegetables, fish, bread – anything that can be cooked through direct heat can be cooked in a pizza oven. Here’s a tip…. When the fire is going down and you have a bit of ash left, bury a potato in there, next day you’ll have an amazing treat. The potato will cook slowly in the left-over heat and will come out perfectly!


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