Why You Should Consider Installing A Domestic Water Storage System 


​The advantages of storing water have long been known but back in the early days of town water it became unfashionable and was considered unsightly & deemed unnecessary.

Water Shortages

Today the dynamic has changed again. Numerous major cities & towns have experienced water shortages leading to water rationing. Most commonly, water restrictions have focussed upon the use of water in gardens & car washing activities. The situation only has to be prolonged before more drastic restrictions come into play.
It should also be remembered that in some country towns here in Oz, they have actually run out of domestic water & required water to be trucked in!
The city of Brisbane spent a fortune on a seawater desalination plant. This plant is indeed able to supply good quality water to the water distribution network but at such a cost that the plant has been mothballed. Presumably, it can be re-commissioned but the cost of this water is basically prohibitive. 
A much as the term is used too freely, global warming or at least something is changing rainfall patterns so that water security & storage is an increasingly relevant factor even in the far North of Australia which operates on the tropical wet/dry season weather pattern. A couple of years ago the town of Kununurra,  which draws its water from the Argyle Dam – which dams the Ord river – was at risk of water restrictions with the dam falling to dangerously low levels.​

Soaring Water Costs

​Needless to say, the cost of water has risen dramatically over recent years. Initially, water was charged at a flat rate but now is metered & charged on a user pays basis. The local government bodies, not surprisingly, saw the chance to significantly increase their revenue from the provision of this domestic water. Lately, there has been a move towards selling these assets to the private sector. Blind Freddy could see that the private sector is not in the business simply to provide a community resource but rather they are there to explore how much we will pay for the “privilege” of receiving their domestic town water.

The Fluoride Controversy

Many town water systems are fluoridated. This may be a good thing. However, as with so many issues, there are opponents who seem to have some persuasive arguments.
This article will not propose an answer to the effects of fluoridation but rather say that a domestic water storage system, based on rain or bore water, is not fluoridated, is completely safe & basically nicely out of the controversy.
Essentially, storing your own water is creeping into fashion for these reasons discussed here and more. 

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