Why you need a carport

Boxbeam Frame Carport

Boxbeam Frame Carport

​A person’s vehicle is one of the biggest investments they have, beside their home, yet they leave it out, unprotected from the elements without even thinking of it. People will leave their vehicle parked outside, exposed to rain, snow, hail and other damaging weather. Add to this animals, tree branches and other debris and you have damage to your vehicle that will wind up costing you big in resale value.
If you are parking your car outside without shelter you’re damaging one of the biggest investments, you have.

If you park your vehicle outside because you don’t have a garage, or like a lot of people, your garage is filled with everything but your vehicle, there is a solution. Your second largest investment doesn’t have to sit out in the open to be bombarded by the elements, which only shortens the life of your vehicle and lowers its resale value.

​Here are some advantages to having a carport to protect your vehicle:
Protection from the weather
A carport will keep your vehicle protected from the elements including harmful UV rays from the sun, snow in the winter, sleet and rain. With a roof and, in some cases sides, a carport will protect your vehicle from the elements and keep it looking much better than it would just sitting out to be a victim of harsh, aging weather.
Personal Safety
A carport can offer a certain amount of protection since it can be placed close to the door of your home, rather than having to park your car out on the street. This can also protect you from people who would otherwise mean to harm you. Since your vehicle is close to your home and covered, burglars and car thieves are also less likely to target your vehicle.
Additional Outdoor Gathering Place
A carport can also be used as a shaded gathering place for barbeques or an outdoor summer get together or party.
Additional Vehicle Storage
A carport comes in handy for the storage of the other vehicles, you own, beside your car. They are great for protecting your boat, trailer, ATVs, motorcycles or to provide a shaded are for you to work on or clean any of your vehicles.
If you opt for a carport that has sides, you can use it as a storage unit for tools, outdoor equipment, toys or anything else you would otherwise want to protect from the weather in one organised area, rather than scattered all over the yard.
Since carports don’t have doors, they can make everyday tasks much easier. Unload the groceries from the car, or anything else you need to move from your vehicle to the house.
Increase Your Home’s Value
A carport won’t be a huge increase to your home’s resale value, but if you don’t have a garage, some potential buyers may find it a value to at least have a carport to protect their vehicles if they decide to buy your home. At least, like yourself, they won’t have to park their vehicles out on the street.
Addition to Your Trailer
If your home is a trailer or a modular and you live in a trailer park, odds are you can’t have a garage on your property, however, most communities allow you to have a carport on your property. In this case, a carport is a perfect solution to protect your car and act as a garage.
Carports offer you several different options beside providing your vehicle with excellent protection against the weather to keep its looks and offer you the best resale value possible. Carports come in easy to build, pre-fabricated kits that allow for easy construction within a short time.

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