Why We Shouldn’t Feel Guilty for Hiring Cleaners

Some people say guilt is a useless emotion because it makes you feel bad without giving you the kick you need to do anything about it. And when it comes to traditionally female roles like cooking, cleaning, and childrearing, the guilt can pile on fast and furious.

Fortunately for the average bachelor (or teenager), guilt is not something that accompanies household chores (or lack thereof). It’s usually a feeling that’s restricted to moms and single ladies. Yet with so many other things to do, hiring a cleaner is a necessity. Here a few reasons why you shouldn’t feel bad for doing what you need to do.

If you’re too tired or busy to clean, it’s probably because you have a job. You may even have more than one. And when you’re not working, you’re attending to other responsibilities. Professional cleaners have responsibilities too, and their cleaning jobs help them to meet their own needs.

Hiring a cleaner gives him or her a job opportunity, and they value their work just as much as you value yours. Well, you both value the paycheque at least, so hiring a cleaner literally puts food on someone else’s table. Consider it your good deed for the week.

Another benefit of hiring someone to do your cleaning is that it saves time. Rather than spending three or four hours cleaning, you can outsource the work and use those hours to do something constructive. You could hang out with friends and family, put in a few hours of work, get some exercise, or even do some charity work.

Professional cleaners will do a better job of getting your house clean than you will. They have specialised in this task and they know the easiest, fastest, most effective ways to get rid of stains and leave your home looking good and smelling fresh.

In the same way that few people can do your job as well as you can, few people can do a cleaner’s job as well as they can. Professional cleaners also have access to high-grade cleaning supplies and equipment that you don’t, which makes their work more thorough.

Accidents do happen, and there have been multiple trips to the emergency room that started with cleaning windows or scrubbing a bath tub. Professional cleaners do this kind of work every day, so they know how to be careful. And in the event that they do hurt themselves, they are fully insured. At least, they are covered if they work for a reputable agency, so be careful where you source your cleaners.

Either way, in the case of any cleaning accident, you will be safe from lost time, cost, and liability if you use a professional cleaning service. Good cleaning services pay their teams well, and they only use cleaners who are willing and able to work, so it’s better for the economy. Cleaners will make sure they use environmentally safe products, so they’re greener than you are, with your potentially chronic over-use of toxic bleach.

There’s a lot of talk about work-life balance and how stress leads to high medical bills and unhealthy habits. You might not be in a position to adjust your work hours, but you can reduce your stress levels in other ways. For example, you can minimise the work you need to do at home. Hire a cleaner, get an app to run your errands, get a mobile car wash agency, or call a garage with pick-up-options to collect your car for servicing.

Finally, there are situations where even if you wanted to; you couldn’t do the cleaning yourself. These include moving house, insurance cleaning, or pre-sale cleaning. There are also areas of your house where you need outside help, like upholstery, carpets, gutters, duvets, or chimneys. You probably need a little cleaning kick for winter or spring cleaning as well. At times like that, hiring a cleaner is the most reasonable thing you can do.

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