Why Should You Choose European Oak Flooring?

To a greater extent, the worth and look of your home is affected by the type of flooring you choose. Wood flooring is one of the types of flooring material utilized and preferred by many people since decades. Hardwood floors increase the market rate of your home. You can always refinish the hardwood floor even when it gets old or worn out.

Hardwood flooring is recognized for its natural beauty and robustness. Hardwood flooring comes in strips of 1-1/2to 2-1/2 inches wide or planks of 4 to 8 inches wide. Native kind includes oak, maple and black walnut. Hardwood Flooring offers a glorious look to your home interiors. Due to aging hardwood floor refines its grace over a period of time and has a very long lifespan.

The standard imported categories consist of purple heart, African pedauk and Brazilian cherry and the accessibility of exotic species of hardwood changes with market conditions. The advancement in the technological field has benefited the coatings for prefinished hardwood. Ceramics, aluminum oxide and acrylic monomers are the additives which are used as a finishing material and they produce incredible tough surfaces. Hardwood must be nailed to a subfloor. One of the benefits of hardwood is that in its whole lifespan you can refinish it many times and as you like.

Hardwood floors are perfect for dining rooms, bedrooms, living rooms and even powder rooms and kitchens. Now let’s discuss a type of hardwood floor i.e. European oak Floor.

Among the other products that majority of people relate with Oak, they are intrigued with the uniqueness of European Oak. In fact, Oak is an essential part of the timber industry, undoubtedly the most popular species and most extensively used in our culture. European oak has been utilized since centuries as a preferable choice for vessel building, container coopering, furniture manufacturing and flooring.

European Oak got its name from ancient Europe, also known as English Oak or French Oak. Its rich quality grain and extra-large blocks and panels are a reverberation of the majestic floors found in the manors and palaces. The perpetual beauty of European Oak Flooring gives vigor and elegance to any domestic or industrial environment and also compliments both modern and conventional spaces. Oak corrodes when it comes in contact with iron compounds but has a good enough steam bending category. The wood is best for manufacturing of tight casks for cognac, wine and beers. For more information about European Oak Flooring visit http://www.thefloorboardstore.com.au/.

Now let’s take a look at what really makes a European Oak so desirable and why among the other flooring types, people favor the European Oak Floor more.

The Europeans follow a method where they take a square from the center of a wood, called a cant, and slice it in a straight line. Due to its slower growing cycle, it produces a tighter grain. And all in the same chunk of timber it gives a wider board with a fine plain swan look near the core, bordered by a unique rift and fixed grain pattern. As it gives all three-grain patterns in a single piece of wood, it makes the European Oak floor the most desirable timber for flooring. 

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