Why I Prefer Gas Heaters

gas heaters

When it comes to home heating, there is a lot of debate as to which fuel source is the best. Do you choose good old fashioned wood or do you for gas or electricity? Each fuel source has its pros and cons. Out of the three fuel sources, my favourite would have to be gas. Don’t get me wrong, wood and electricity are also great, but gas seems to suit my home and lifestyle more than the other two and here’s why.


Gas heaters are a welcome addition to your living room. The mesmerising flicker of the flames will lull you into a state of Zen while you sit in your favourite chair and get lost in thought. With gas heaters, you can choose realistic looking ceramic logs, stones, quartz and even rocks. The large looking glass allows you to peer in and watch the flames. Forget the television, as your fireplace will be the new centrepiece and place to for the whole family to gather and take solace this winter.


Gas heaters get hot quickly and will warm your house in a matter of minutes. Some heaters have a high heat output option that will make your house toasty and warm as quickly as you can say Jack Frost. The beauty of gas heaters is they take a second to light, basically with the flick of a switch, and they reach a maximum temperature at a much faster rate than wood heaters.

Ease of Operation

Wood heaters are great. Except for when you have to go outside in the cold and fetch firewood or even worse, cut it. Plus, there is no need to make a messy pile of firewood in your lounge room. Gas heaters turn on and off at the flick of switch and temperature control is easy. Just dial in your desired temperature and your fireplace will do the rest. Some gas fireplaces are fitted with thermostats that will keep the temperature of your house regulated, keeping you and your family nice and warm all winter.

Enhances Mood

There is something compelling about a fire. For some reason, we are attracted to flames, the giver of light and the bringer of warmth. These attributes, as well as the mesmerising flicker of the flames, have a calming effect on those who gather around it and take shelter from the winter. At your next dinner party, your guests will flock to the flames as they catch up around the fire and share a nightcap. 

Remote Controlled

Gas fireplaces often have the convenience or a remote control to control the heat and fan levels. Adjust the temperature from the comfort of your recliner. Wood fires require a lot more attention as the fuel source directly affects the heating, whereas gas is more consistent and allows you more control over your heating requirements.

Air Quality

Gas fireplaces have next to zero indoor emissions. Wood fires can leave your house smelling a little smoky. Not that it’s a bad thing. The homely smell of a smoky fire can be comforting but is probably not the best for the health of your family. With gas, you illuminate any unwanted emissions. Gas fireplaces use vents and all emissions will be transported to outside leaving your home smelling fresh and peachy.

General Upkeep

The by-product of burning wood in your fireplace is soot and ash. In fact, wood fires can be quiet messy and it won’t be long before the carpet around your fireplace is covered in soot. Also, wood fireplaces have to be cleaned and the soot and ash should be emptied weekly. The beauty of a gas fireplace is that there is no by-product from burning the fuel. Therefore, no messy clean-up is required. If you live a busy lifestyle and want the convenience of a fireplace without the extra work, then gas is the ideal fuel source for you. 

Add Value to Your Home

The addition of a gas heater to your living room will add resale value to your home. It’s a cheap way to add charm and value to your house. When potential buyers come to check out your property, crank up the fireplace to illuminate the beauty of your abode. 

Inbuilt or Standalone

Gas fireplaces come in an extensive range of shapes, sizes, and builds. If you’re short on space opt for the inbuilt version. They sit flush into walls and look great. The standalone versions will add some rustic charm to your living room.

Gas or wood? Wood or gas? It’s really a matter of preference. Let’s face it wood is more traditional and along with that comes the added fun of gathering and chopping wood, if you have time. But for those people with a busy lifestyle, I would definitely recommend gas. It’s no mess, no fuss, easy on, easy off and will have your toasty and warm at the drop of winter glove.  

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