Why Does Sydney CBD Have So Many Rats?

Rats, rats, and more rats! Rats have inhabited Australia long before humankind and long before the First Fleet settled in Sydney. It was previously believed that rats were introduced to Australia by the First Fleet, stowing away on supply ships. This was recently challenged by a Florida scientist who claims that rats first migrated to Australia from Asia over 5 million years ago. The rats travelled over the sea by clinging to floating flora, until eventually reaching Australia and into what is now your neighbourhood.
Recent construction and demolitions in and around the CBD have sparked the interest of these curious critters who have been spotted in great numbers scurrying about the inner suburbs. Local citizens have also reported incidents involving oversized vicious rats terrorizing families and the size of the rats indicate that they are well fed. 

Sydney’s booming construction industry is accused of being the catalyst to the ever-growing vermin epidemic. Angela Vithoulkas, independent city of Sydney councillor, has blamed the authorities whose poor management of construction and pest regulations have contributed to Sydney’s rat problem.

She also insists that the local government form a “Rat Task Force” to deal with the rodent problem. You know things are serious when the local government starts mobilizing task forces. It’s kind of like Trumps “Space Force”, except to a smaller scale. Don’t be alarmed if you come across these vermin superheroes wearing full-length khaki overalls and gas masks in your area. The task force is taking out the trash and cleaning up the streets for the good of Sydney.

The rat problem should not only be left up to the task force. Residents and business can do their part in claiming back their city from these hairy little critters. Rats forage in the night looking for food and water. Residents and businesses are urged not to leave out rubbish containing food scraps. They were also informed, that if they cross paths with a large unfriendly rat, to call the local council immediately and keep their distance until the authorities can safely apprehend the culprit at hand.

Although rats may be cute to some, they can be hazardous to human health. Rats carry diseases that come with serious consequences if you’re unlucky enough to fall ill. One such disease is known as Leptospirosis, a bacterial disease that slows the function of your kidney and liver. The bacteria in rat droppings and urine will produce Salmonellosis when inhaled or consumed by humans.

Sydney’s rat problem is no secret. Videos on YouTube of rats caught on CCTV scurrying across food court floors is concerning local businesses who have come forward to local councils seeking answers to the perpetuating problem.

Rats are rampantly rampaging Sydney’s CBD at alarming rates, causing concern to Sydney’s citizens. From a humble natural existence over 5 million years ago, until now, gradually evolving into city dwelling creatures who terrorize the streets of Sydney. No one is safe.

If you suspect a rat problem in your home or business, deal with the problem sooner rather than later. Contact your local pest control agent, discuss and take active measures to rid your home of rats, hopefully forever. Although, the emancipation of rats in your home will be an effort in futility if your neighbours haven’t done the same – rats will eventually make their way back into your home and take up the residents of their dead relatives.

The rat problem needs to addressed now and the council is calling on residents and businesses to put all hands on deck and do what they can to prevent further infestation of Sydney’s streets. The construction industry needs to tighten their belts and clamp down with hard penalties on companies that do not adhere to pest control precedents.

Rats have made our home their home, we’ve been taken over and it’s up to us to take it back. It’s kind of like a Braveheart moment [Insert motivational speech here]. They can take our food scraps but they can never take our freedom? Will the rat task forces prevail over the evil powers of the rat empire? Only time will tell and for now, we must be resilient, we must stand together to emancipate the problem and take back what’s ours. 

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