What Kind of Garden Shed is Right for You?

Are you planning to construct or buy a garden shed for your equipment and tools? You have come to the right place. There are many types, kinds, and sizes of garden sheds in Australia. The needs of each homeowner vary and are dependent on the individual’s lifestyle, hobbies, and career. It is not easy to make your decision, but doing good homework will set you up for success. 

You should choose a shed that is not only affordable and practical for the range of items that you will store inside. Additionally, you must go for one whose materials are durable and weather-proof. Australian hot weather can be punishing at times, so your shed should be able to withstand the temperatures while still protecting its contents from vandals and extreme climate. 

Standard Garden Sheds

A standard garden shed is a simple structure that houses farm equipment, working tools, and essential household equipment. Many Australian homes come with a standard garden shed. However, you should have a customized one to heighten the security, safety, and functionality of the stored contents. 

Most standard garden sheds have concrete flooring to provide a solid footing for you and your equipment. The walls are generally made of timber frames that adjoin sheets of iron to form the sides. The roof is often corrugated iron to direct rainwater off the structure. 

Steel Frame Garden Sheds

When selecting the right garden sheds, steel is a good option because of its durability. Each steel frame provides support to the structure while each side is made of durable metal panels that are riveted to the frames. These sheds come in handy at warding off the elements. 

If you opt for this, your vendor will bring a pre-assembled set of pillars, frames, and panels. An experienced installation expert will then screw these parts tightly together. Next, he will fix the shed to the ground. To save on installation costs, you could do the work yourself while following a provided installation manual. 

Corrugated Garden Sheds

One significant advantage of corrugated garden sheds is that you can customize them to suit your needs. Unlike standard sheds, you have the freedom to determine the width and height of your shed. This allows you to store your prized possessions with the dignity that they deserve. 

This type of shed allows you to determine the design of all features, for example, do you want to install curved internal shelves or windows that open to the direction of the incoming wind? There is so much customization at your disposal.

Steel Frame Corrugated Garden Sheds

Just as the name suggests, this type of garden shed combines the power of steel frames with the durability of corrugated sheets for the walls. While it may be costlier than the other options, this type provides the maximum strength that your garden shed deserves. It also has a long shelf life. 

You can determine the colour of your corrugated garden sheds. The most common choices are dark green, brown, dark tan, grey and yellow. Choose a variety that complements your house and increases the overall value of your home. 

Timber Garden Sheds

Do you want to create a rustic look and feel in your garden? Timber garden sheds come in high quality treated wood. Pine is the most common wood type for these garden sheds. Thanks to the malleability of timber, you can customize the windows, flooring, ventilation and shelf options. 


Durability, strength, and endurance of garden sheds must be your biggest priority. Following closely in the list of priorities are required storage space, style, and personalization. Having known what to look for when selecting the right garden sheds, it is time to order yours.

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