Tubular Balustrades — Adding Style and Class to any Australian Building

​A balustrade can be thought of as a fence or a barrier. These are found on balconies, stairways, or around a top floor landing.
They come in a variety of different styles, using many different materials. It can help set up any house or office. A good balustrade should match the overall style of a building, but can also add something extra.
A whole range of different materials can be used.  These include wrought iron, stainless steel, stone, glass, concrete, and a whole range of different timbers.
Balustrades can also add a degree of privacy as well as security to any building.

Tubular Balustrades
Before considering using tubular balustrades, it is worth investigating different building regulations in your area. If there are any problems in installing tubular balustrade, how do you get around these?
There are a variety of different materials that can be used for a tubular balustrade.  Stainless steel would be highly effective.  This would give any building a chic modernist look.  This does not easily corrode.  However, it can be expensive. It takes a skilled welder to join stainless steel. Other metals could be considered. Most of these would require some kind of coating and maintenance. Wrought iron is pretty durable, though. It can be used in a number of different design configurations. Other than stainless steel, other steel alloys can be employed. These are quick and easy to install.  There is a wide range of applications that would suit commercial, industrial, and domestic locations. You could also consider using “turned” timbers.  Wooden balustrades could look quite elegant using a shaped wooden balustrade. An internal site might be better, although there are some durable hardwoods that could survive for a while outside.

Where would you use a tubular balustrade?
These can be used in new buildings, leisure centers, around walkways and swimming pools, as a barrier on a sea front, or along a river.  They can also have a very practical application, such as in factories or warehouses. Another possibility would be to use a tubular balustrade as a barrier along a ramp for added safety.

Location of a tubular balustrade
They could be used internally in a building.  On an industrial site, practical considerations would be all important. Maybe the tubular balustrade can be added to domestic premises or a public building. Then aesthetics or the look of balustrade would have to be thought about.
An external tubular balustrade that surrounds a balcony or a veranda would be subjected to all the changes in the weather, rain, sun, and drops in temperature. This could corrode certain materials if they are not looked after. In this regard, thought has to be given to selecting the best kinds of materials in these locations.
It is not a good idea to mix wood and metal together. A wooden structure using metal fixings could lead to rotting and corrosion. For sound advice on the best material for your balustrades, try to consult the experts.

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