Top 10 Reasons to Get Kids Outdoors

Playing is very important in the healthy growth and development of kids. While most kids nowadays spend more time indoors watching television or playing video games, it’s essential to let them play outdoors.

Here are the top ten reasons to get your kids outdoors.

Health Benefits

Playing in the sun allows kids to get vitamin D, which is essential for healthy growth and development of bones and teeth. Outdoor activities such as running and jumping enable kids to flex their muscles, helping them to keep fit.  


When kids play outside, they bond better with others. As they play, they make new friends, work together, care for one another, and make memories. Doing so, in turn, improves cooperation among children and makes them more outgoing. The interactions boost their social and communication skills.


Outdoor games such as drawing and painting encourage children to explore their creativity. As they draw and paint images, they tend to try new ideas, which boosts their cognitive skills. Such activities also improve coordination between their brains and mortar skills.


Physical activities make the kids more active and fit both physically and mentally. Since the kids are still growing, regular exercises strengthen their body muscles and brain and enhance proper blood circulation. You may not get them on a workout routine, but the skip and jump games are enough to keep the tiny bodies in shape.

Boost Attention

Children are known to have a low concentration span and are easily distracted. Incorporating outdoor games in their play routine improves their concentration span, as they engage in hands-on activities that require continuous involvement. Also, games that encourage imaginative play boosts children’s focus and consequently betters their alertness. 

Makes the Kids Resilient

Children become great problem solvers when they play outdoors. As they play, they encounter various challenges that require them to make vital decisions that, at times, involve taking risks. By solving these problems on their own, they become more resilient and vibrant. Therefore outdoor playing not only makes them risk takers but also makes them critical thinkers.

Builds Talent

While kids may still explore their talents indoors, most of them do it best when playing outside with others. Therefore, it’s essential to nurture these talents by letting them play outdoors. Abilities in sports are best-taken care of when kids engage in outdoor activities. 

Children also show their leadership skills when playing with others. You can observe this whenever they take leadership roles and guide others in making decisions such as the game to play at a given time. 

Reduction of Stress

It’s always tedious to work or play in the same environment, going through the same routine every day. Therefore, you need to allow your kids to play outside so that they breath new air and let go of the boredom. As they jump and run around, they let out all their frustrations and tension. Maintaining such a practice helps alleviate anxiety, enabling them to have a peaceful sleep.

General Development 

Running, flipping, jumping, skipping, among other activities, improve kids’ psychomotor skills. Playing outside also enhances the vision of kids. According to optometry and vision science, children develop improved eyesight when they play outdoors. 

Interest in the Environment

Kids who play outside are more adventurous compared to those kept indoors. As they play outdoor, they see and feel the beauty of nature, which improves their sensory experiences. They become more aware of their surroundings and take a keen interest in what’s happening around them, significantly enhancing the development of their perceptual abilities. The benefits of outdoor activities over indoor games are numerous. So let your children play outside.

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