Tips for Choosing the Color of Your Leather Lounge

Besides being the focal point of your living area, lounges are among the most significant investments in any home. The massive size of the lounges also means that they influence the decor you choose to apply to your house.

Choosing the right colour for your lounge can be a challenge. There is a notion that your lounge should either be neutral or a statement piece. Using neutral colours ensures that the seat does not clash with the room’s décor, while a dominant colour makes it the centrepiece. 

Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect colour for your lounges.

Consider the Intended Use

The intended use of your lounge influences your choice colour. Seats that experience heavy traffic should have darker colours because they are more likely to wear off and get stains. On the other hand, lounges that are not used regularly can do with lighter shades.

Think of Your Interior Décor

As mentioned earlier, bold colours make the lounge the standout furniture in your room. They can also transform a dull space into a fun and exciting one.

Choosing a lounge that matches the colour of your walls is often the safe choice. But who wants safe? Instead, you should consider the sofa as the heart of your colour scheme. It should contrast the décor of your room and showcase your taste.


Consider Your Materials

Another factor that affects your colour choice is the material used to make your sofa. Some options, such as standard fabric, are available in multiple colour options. Leather, however, is mostly available in neutral hues such as black, brown, and clay red.

Exposure to Natural Light

Leather upholstery tends to lose its colour when exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. If you want a leather lounge to retain its appearance, make sure that it has an oil and wax finish to protect the colour. 

Like leather, velvet lounges also fade after prolonged exposure to sunlight. Fabric variants also suffer the same fate, but they are more resilient than the previous two options.

Fortunately, manufacturers are now making sofas that are resistant to fading caused by the sun’s radiation. These are specially designed for outdoor use.

What is Your Desired Mood?

Colours have a massive influence on human moods. The shade on your lounge communicates the atmosphere you want in a space, as well as its intended use. For example, soothing colours make you relax, while bold hues showcase dominance.

Go Neutral

If you fail to settle on a particular choice, you can always choose neutral colours. Going neutral does not mean you are limited to dull hues. Some warm neutral options include army green and brown tan. Even better, these colours are dark, meaning that they conceal stains and signs of ageing. Lastly, neutral colours can fit in any space. Although your lounge will not be the centrepiece of your living room, it will also not look out of place. Purchasing neutral-coloured seats also means that you will not need replacements every time you redecorate your house.

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