The Best Times of Year to Replace or Repair Your Roof

​In olden days (and in some indigenous communities), roofs were made from leaves and grass thatch. This made it easy to spot a leak, because you’d see the light peeking in. This concept still applies for people who live in low-cost housing with plastic roofs or corrugated sheeting. 
However, most modern homes have a ceiling between the exterior roofing and the inside of the house. You can’t see any holes or gaps, which means you don’t realise there’s a leak until you’re deep inside the monsoon season.

By the time the rain has seeped past the outside roof, through the roofing cavern, perforated the ceiling, and allowed you to finally see the dripping, things are pretty bad. Of course it’s almost impossible to fix a leak while it’s raining, and since our rainy season lasts a few months, you may be spend the entire winter with a bucket under the leak.

Logically speaking, there’ll be a few moments of respite between showers. If you plan early, you can catch that small window when the sky is clear and the roof is dry. Call in some emergency roof plumbers to sort out the mess for you.

However, it’s likely that everyone in town has spotted their own leak, so roof plumbers will be in short supply. Because there’s so much urgent work, they will likely charge a premium, so you can expect long waits and high bills. You could avoid this by developing a habit of checking your roof for damage earlier in the year.

Winter roofing

In many parts of the world, business slows down in winter months. All that sleet and snow makes it hard to get out of bed, so it’s considered a good time for roof repairs, since roof plumbers have some time on their hands. Unfortunately, Aussie winter is a little different.

For one thing, it coincides with European summer, because we’re in the opposite hemisphere. For another, it’s our wettest time of year, so that’s when everyone is looking for umbrellas and plumbers. So if you’ve seen any advice online about getting lower prices by doing your roofing in the winter, it’s probably not intended for Australians.

Sunny summer roofing

Similarly, summer is mentioned as the most popular season for roofing work. A lot of people have taken a summer break from work, so they have the time to do home projects like roof repair. That means a lot of roofers are getting calls for long-neglected roof work. It gets pretty busy. On that point, we agree with the rest of the world.

For us, summer means Christmas. That translates into lots of guests, family, friends, and relatives, and some will stay over. A lot of homes undergo repairs in preparation for the festivities, which means all kinds of blue collar workers will be in high-season, including roofing experts. Clever hosts and hostesses will call for an inspection and pre-emptive repair, especially with the plumbing.

Spring clean your roof

If you managed to survive the entire winter without calling for (expensive) emergency repair, this is a good time to call your roofing expert. After all that dripping, you know exactly where the leaks are, so you can direct your roof plumber on where to start, which makes everything easier. Have them check the whole roof though, just in case you missed anything.

You’ll get good rates because the peak season will be winding down, and your roofer may have leftover repair materials that they need to use up. They probably overstocked in preparation for the rains and they’ll have good tools and products at great rates.

Roof it in the fall

Autumn is a good time for routine repair work. The Christmas festivities are over, the kids are safely in school, and the year is settling into its usual rhythm. As everyone breathes out, roofers can get really busy because home-owners are finally getting around to neglected tasks, and that includes roof repair.

Regular roof inspections are a better gauge of the best time to fix your roof. Rather than focusing on dates, seasons, and months, just take a closer look at your roof. When you’re doing your weekly cleaning, take a moment on high ground.

You could climb the garage roof or take a peek from your neighbour’s upstairs window. It may even be worth requesting a professional roof inspection. Look out for gaps, warps, discolouration, rust spots on metal roofs, and missing shingles. Once the type of damage has been assessed, get a quote and leave it to the experts.

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