Reasons for Harvesting Rainwater

Rainwater provides numerous benefits to both the person harvesting and also the environment. Some of the reasons why you should harvest rainwater include:

  • It is free as it freely falls from the sky; the only difference is that some regions receive more rainfall than others.
  • Beneficial to plants as it has no salt and it is loaded with many minerals advantageous to a plant. When there is a thunderstorm in summer, atmospheric nitrogen is converted by lighting to form a nitrogen solution that acts as a fertilizer to plants.
  • Replenishes groundwater when it falls to the ground. When rain gets to the ground, it seeps through and becomes groundwater. However, in cities where there is high usage of concrete and asphalt, rainwater mostly ends up in drains as it cannot seep through the surfaces.
  • Improves soil quality as it undergoes natural distillation before it forms into clouds, which makes it a pure source of water. Rainwater dilutes salt build-up in the soil where the salt causes numerous plant problems.
  • Low water bills as you reduce reliance on water from the water utility company. When you have rainwater, you reduce the amount of water; hence you will experience a reduction in the amount you spend on water bills. 
  • Reduces soil erosion by reducing the amount of water that gets to the ground. Soil erosion rids the earth of its top layer; also, the water can contaminate swimming pools and other natural water bodies if it contains harmful chemicals from industries.
  • Irrigation is also made accessible when you have rainwater supply. This type of water is suitable as it contains no chemicals that could be harmful to your plants.

Underdeck Rainwater Tanks

These are tanks that have a design that make them suitable to be positioned in an empty space or under a deck. This unique feature is what makes them ideal for a person with limited space at their back or front yard. The underdeck rainwater tank fully utilizes the space left open under a deck. The tank is made from food-grade plastic; hence it is suitable for storage of water for human use.

Bladder Rainwater Tanks

This is a cost-effective way to collect rainwater for use later. Their low profile attribute enables installation in crawl spaces, basements, and under a deck. Setting up a bladder tank is easy as they are made from an elastic material that stretches as rainwater gets inside the container. The material used for construction is potable or non-potable material.

 Reasons why you should have an underdeck tank for harvesting rainwater

  • It fits in any open space
  • The bladder tank option is easily removable and transporting it to new locations is equally easy. 
  • It is safely in a hidden area; hence damages from debris rarely occur. However, make sure that the tanks do not have exposure to direct sunlight as it causes a breakdown of the PVC. If there is no way of avoiding the sun, use a durable cover on the water tank.
  • You can link several tanks together to harvest more rainwater even without them being next to each other.

In summary, let us make is a habit of harvesting rainwater as it helps to preserve the environment and reduce the monetary burden for us in paying water bills.

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