Pool Games for The Whole Family


One of the greatest aspects of the family pool is that anyone can enjoy getting fit and having fun.
From grandparents to grandkids, pools offer a great place for recreation – and what better way to burn through the calories than with a fun game?
If you’re looking to get the family involved in a few challenging games, take a look at this list of summer favourites.

Water Frisbee

What you need: one Frisbee and two laundry baskets
What it does: encourages team player behaviour, agility, balance and coordination
Rules of the game:

  1. Place a laundry basket on either side of the pool and divide the players into two groups
  2. Each team takes it in turn trying to score
  3. Frisbee can only rest on the tips of the fingers of players, it cannot be grasped
  4. Players cannot swim with the Frisbee, but can walk with it
  5. Goal is to throw or drop Frisbee into the opponent’s basket without being intercepted

Invisible Bottle

What you need: a clear plastic bottle, preferably with a white cap
What it does: improve underwater confidence, swimming skills and dexterity
Rules of the game:

  1. Fill the plastic bottle with pool water
  2. Ask players to line up along the poolside with their backs to the pool
  3. Throw the bottle into the water
  4. Once players hear the splash they can jump into the pool to retrieve the bottle from the bottom

Wet T-shirt Relay

What you need: Two large wet t-shirts, two hula hoops, two plastic bottles filled with water, and two teams
What it does: builds water confidence, swimming skills, fitness and agility
Rules of the game:

  1. Throw hoops into the pool, allocating one for each team
  2. One player from each team must dress in the wet t-shirt and toss their bottle of water into the pool
  3. Player then jumps into the pool, swims through the hoop and retrieves the bottle before returning to start position
  4. Player exits the pool and must hand over the wet t-shirt to the next player, who repeats the starting process
  5. Team who completes all the activities and returns first wins

Shark and the Minnows

What you need: one person to be the Shark, others to be the Minnows
What it does: builds swimming skills and fitness
rules of the game:

  1. The Shark stands in the middle of the pool
  2. Minnows are lined up on one side of the pool
  3. When signalled, the Minnows must try to swim past the Shark to the other side of the pool without being caught
  4. Every Minnow caught must exit the pool, the game ends when the last Minnow is caught

Simon Says

What you need: one person to be Simon, and any fun props
What it does: encourages listening skills, dexterity and teamwork
Rules of the game:

  1. The ‘Simon’ player calls out instructions under the “Simon says…”
  2. Players that disobey the “Simon says…” or are tricked into another activity are eliminated
  3. Instructions can be as diverse as making floating shapes, or as fun as climbing onto pool noodles and diving into the water
  4. Please note, it is recommended not to do any breath-holding activities

Coin Fountain

What you need: a handful of coins or sinking objects
What it does: encourages underwater swimming and water confidence
Rules of the game:

  1. One player tosses the coins or objects into the pool
  2. Once all objects have sunk, players are to retrieve objects
  3. Player who retrieves the fewest items is eliminated, and the next game is played until one winner emerges

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