Limestone Pavers

Limestone is a type of rock that naturally occurs as calcium carbonate or the residue of marine fossils. Exposure to different minerals cause the varied ranges of colours on limestone. You can get anything from green, beige and grey to blue, tan and red. Limestone deposits are found around the world as they constitute 10% of the sedimentary rocks in the world. There are limestone quarries in Europe, Asia, the US, and some parts of Africa.

The stone is dense and heavy, which makes it ideal for use on patios. Also, limestone has insulation properties as it does not get too cold during winter or extremely hot during the summer season. Limestone is available in hundreds of varieties in various textures, colours, and surface treatments. The stone comes in multiple sizes with varied levels of permeability.

Uses of Limestone

The diverse types of limestone make it suitable for different purposes. Some are excellent on terraces or patios, while others fit well on walls and borders. The light coloured limestone means that it has more marine fossils in them. Dark coloured stones fade over time although they still look attractive even when faded. Limestone pavers come with a polished surface, although others are naturally split. Other types are flamed to create a uniformly textured surface. Limestone edges are either cut, chiselled, split or tumbled.

Cleaning and Maintaining Limestone

You do not need to seal limestone as you would do with marble. Cleaning is done by using water with ammonia or bleach. However, never mix ammonia and bleach when cleaning limestone. Also, it would be best if you never used vinegar or lemon juice as it will erode the stone. Limestone is also prone to efflorescence, but this is easily cleaned off with water and a brush.

Advantages of Limestone


When you follow installation instructions, limestone can be used for different applications. Limestone pavers can be installed around patios, paths, pool sides, or driveways either in residential or commercial premises. 


As it is a natural stone that develops over time, limestone is naturally a durable rock. The stone can withstand heavy traffic from humans and vehicles in any area that they are installed.

Adds Appeal

Limestone pavers enhance the appeal of your property in comparison to concrete pavers. Also, limestone pavers add the value of a property when you want to sell the property. Landscaping your property with limestone is more commendable than doing so using concrete pavers. 

Colour Benefits

The wide range of colours on limestone enables you to choose a colour that compliments your property. You will find one to match your walls or your garden flowers. The different colours are also suitable for various uses such as pool decks or driveways that best fit with dark coloured pavers. 


Limestone is safe as it is not slippery; this is why most people prefer to install them around swimming pools and patios. Also, they are frost resistant in comparison with industrial concrete products. Therefore, they are safe to install on properties where children frequent such as schools and playgrounds. Limestone as a natural stone, has many benefits and uses around commercial or residential properties. Choose one design from the different types and colours available to enhance the appeal of your property. You can never go wrong with a limestone installation especially if it’s done professionally.

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