Keep Bug Pests Off Your Beloved Christmas Tree

There is no greater symbol of the festive season than the Christmas tree. You do face a choice between one that is synthetic, and one that has been sourced from a farm. There is a significant factor to take into consideration with regard to the natural trees.

The awe-inspiring sight of the tree that is beautifully festooned with bright pieces and the transcendent scent of the leaves do have a downside, however. A tree is a living thing that attracts other living things to make a home within it. Once cut and placed in the home, those creatures that are attracted to the tree become pests that have now been given access to the inside of the home. This can bring about feelings of disgust and revulsion and may leave a bad taste in the back of the mouth once the Christmas tree has been removed at the end of the holiday season.

To keep pests away from your Christmas tree, and consequently your home, this holiday season, there are a few steps that you can take. These preventative measures target the pests that are most commonly found in trees that are popular during the Christmas season. You will need to:

Apply Pre-Treatment

If you have chosen to cut down your own tree, then you will have to make sure that you have treated it with oils and sprays that would rid the tree of any pests that may be in it. You should be very careful, however, to make sure that the sprays you make use of are non-flammable to prevent any accidents in the home. Neem oil is commonly recommended for these purposes. For those that are selecting their trees from farms that serve this purpose, they can rest assured as most farms do apply insecticides as part of preparations for sale.


Shaking your tree is also a recommended measure that can be undertaken in order to clear the presence of any pests that might be in the tree. A good shake can force any previous inhabitants to vacate. This action must be performed outside so that the pests have a clear and easy escape route instead of being let loose to roam the house.


Once you have cut your tree down or purchased the tree of your choice, it is advised that a thorough inspection is undertaken in order to spot any obvious signs of pests. If any are discovered, then you should cut away the affected branches and get rid of them,


Once the tree is in the home, you should be vigilant and proactive. Regular vacuuming is highly encouraged. Make sure to vacuum away any leaves that may fall from the tree as well as any pests that may appear at the same time. At this point, you and your vacuum cleaner would be the final defence against an infestation.

With all your preventative measures in place, your Christmas tree should be relatively pest-free as it sits in the home during the holiday season. Nevertheless, it would not hurt to be completely certain that nothing has escaped your careful preparation and execution. Bringing in a trusted pest control service to carry out a comprehensive pest inspection can help to secure your peace of mind once the holidays are over.

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