Installing Glass Balustrades in Your Home

The Uses of Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades provide a sophisticated and modern look to your home.  Modern construction and architectural designs have made it possible to install glass balustrades, unlike in the past.  Gone are the days of flimsy or unwieldy construction.  These days, glass balustrades are very safe.  It is a great outdoors option because there is no obstruction to a good view.  It also allows more light in.
Glass balustrades are most commonly used for the verandah, garden, balcony, deck, or as swimming pool fencing.  They are also suitable indoors.

Options for Glass Balustrades

There are many types of glass balustrades to choose from.  The options are suited to the homeowner’s needs or budget.  The quality and durability of the glass is very important.  Safety glasses can be clear or tinted.  It also comes in standard thicknesses. The standard thicknesses are 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm.

Glass variants can also be enhanced with coating and films.  It can also be made to combine with a variety of materials such as metal, wood, or aluminum.  There are also balustrades with frames, or you can also opt for frameless balustrades.

A great thing about glass is that it is appropriate in all weather conditions and it never fades.  It also needs less maintenance.  All you need is a damp cloth and glass cleaner or soapy water.

Easy Installation of Glass Balustrades

There are many do-it-yourself balustrade products available in the market today, and you can choose to install your glass balustrade by yourself using a guide.  However, for a more professional handling of a very important part of your home, it is better to trust an expert.  Installing glass balustrades is a crucial undertaking because if anything goes wrong, the safety and security of your family is at risk.

In theory, it is actually quite simple to install a glass balustrade. After installing the handrail sections, place the handrail on the floor of the balcony, veranda or deck.  This is to ensure that all the dimensions fit.  Then you also need to mark the handrail position on both sides using a level.  When this is done, it is time to firmly install the brackets on both sides. When this is done, you can now position the installed brackets into the handrail.  You need to drill a hole through the brackets into the handrail, and then you have to fix them together using screws.  Now it is time to install the glass.  First, you need to dab silicone in order to hold two spacers for each glass.  Then, you need to make sure that the glass sizes and where they are located are properly identified.  It is now time to place glass in position one at a time. Once all the glass is in place, make sure that they are all aligned.  Use silicone to fill all the gaps. Let the silicone dry, and place the glazing beads and rubber gaskets.

If you are not confident in installing a glass balustrade, it is always a good thing to contact the supplier.  Betta Balustrades, a trusted name in the industry, will be more than happy to assist you.

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