Install A Granny Flat This Summer To Solve Your Space Shortage


There are lots of great reasons to install a granny flat this summer, apart from adding more living space to your home, they also give you the chance to have elderly relatives live with you, but in their separate dwelling.
If you have family members with failing health, who are perhaps too well for a nursing home, but too frail to live on their own, and keep and maintain a house and yard, a granny flat gives them the chance to downsize, while retaining their spirits and health. They can come and go as they please, even cook etc. on their own and be independent while having the comfort of knowing you are just a few feet away. It gives them a chance to be part of the family, spend time with and see their grandchildren grow up.

Perhaps you have lost a parent, and now your mum or dad are on their own, they will struggle to continue without their other half, so moving in closer to you, but retaining their independence and being included in family activities will go a long way in helping them heal.

Granny flats are the perfect way to add additional space to your home, from renting the flat to strangers to allowing an older child to move out to free up a bedroom for a younger family member. Great Value Granny Flats can be used for many things – from a home office, to an art studio. The possibilities are endless. Move your craft room outside and free up the guest room, give yourself more creative space, or just rent the flat and make some money.

Granny Flats have also become a popular way to help adult children get on their feet, many young couples move into mum or dad’s backyard, paying minimal rent, but still have a place of their own, while saving up to build or buy the home of their dreams.

Perhaps you are getting to that stage where the home is becoming a little too much to deal with, move into your granny flat and sell your home, or allow your son and daughter to have the house to raise their family in, while you relax and downsize into your brand-new granny flat.

There is a housing shortage, and a granny flat is a great way to help family, friends or strangers while you rent it out and make some of your money back. Granny flats now come in all shapes and sizes and even have 2 or 3 bedrooms, they have come a long way from being the old converted garage in the backyard, and are trendy, sleek and modern homes, that are spacious yet compact.

There are many reasons to build a granny flat this summer, and thanks to variations in designs and price, they are more affordable than ever, obtaining council approval is easier, and construction is faster. Not just for old Nan and pop, Granny flats are being used as music and art studios, teenager retreats, home offices, even as accommodation for a full-time nanny.

Today’s modern granny flats are like scaled-down versions of a home with one or two bedrooms, full kitchens, bathroom, lounge room and dining room, even a small patio area, and they are light and bright and fully airconditioned.

For the elderly or young adults, granny flats are perfect, they can live close to you, while still maintaining their privacy, it can be hard for elderly relatives to move in and this way they have their space, and you keep your space and privacy too. A granny flat is an affordable accommodation option from those starting out to those retiring. If you want a granny flat to earn extra income, you will find them an affordable way to add extra space to your home while making a good rental return.

If things are getting tight inside the home, a family member has suddenly had to move back home, or there have been sudden new additions to the family a granny flat solves those space issues simply. Even if a granny flat is a short-term solution for now, when it’s no longer needed simply rent it out.
Granny flats are also perfect guest rooms – you can have your guests visit, but of an evening they have their space, own shower, cooking facilities etc., they can come and go as they please, and you don’t have to worry about queuing up for a shower.

Granny Flats are becoming a popular choice for helping the family, and for making money, a granny flat adds value to your home.
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