How to Select a Cleaning Service Provider

Are you in the market for a home cleaning service provider? With so many different cleaning companies and independent service providers out there it can be difficult to know which way to turn. In a sea of choices making a decision becomes near impossible. So, what’s the best way to research a good, reputable and reliable cleaning company? We’ve got the low down so you can do your research right and get the best cleaners for you.

Ask family, friends, and colleagues for recommendationsWord of mouth is a brilliant way to start your search. After all, if you trust your family, friends, and colleagues, then you will know that they have your best interests at heart. Among your circle you will likely find at least a few of them that use a cleaning service.
Ask them how good their cleaners are, how long they stay, and how much they charge. If it all sounds good to you, then try their cleaners out for a test run to see whether they’re right for your home too.

Do a Google search of the cleaners you’re looking forSearch for the cleaning service name that you’re researching in Google and make sure to read all the web pages that are not from their own site alone. Many people post about bad experiences of companies on things like forums, so you might be able to see whether you dodge a bullet this way.
Look at Yelp reviewsWhile Yelp is bigger over in America than it is in Australia, it can still be a good source of reviews for the services industry – like home cleaning. Yelp provides a star rating system out of 5. Look for home cleaning service providers that have a high star rating with many reviews.
You’ll have to use your detective skills and have a read through the reviews to see if they’re genuine. Some businesses have false reviews, either positive or negative, but generally they are fairly easy to spot.
Independent providers are generally not as reliable and don’t do as good a jobThere are many independent cleaning providers you can find on sites like Gumtree – often for amazingly low prices. However, if you choose to go down this route, then you can’t be assured of quality of services. You generally get what you pay for. The other thing to note with doing this is that you can’t be sure they’ve had a police check. What if the person is simply offering their services so they can scope out homes to burgle later on down the track? For most people, this is a risk far too great to take.
Look into their customer testimonialsCheck out the customer testimonials on a business’s website to see what other people have to say about their services. Although the business will only put up good reviews, you can have a look and see the little points that other people make that can make a company a stand out cleaning service. After all, some people are more picky about certain details of their home cleaning than others.
Try a clean with a companyThe best way to see if a company is any good is to try them out! Go for a one off clean instead of a package to begin with to see if you actually like the job that they do. Many people choose a package deal upfront because you can get some really good savings, however you don’t want to be locked in – or wasting money – if you don’t really like the clean that they give. While it’s not exactly try before you buy, you’re only putting in the cost of one session, rather than a whole lot of cash up front.
It can take time and patience to find the perfect cleaning service provider for your home. If you aren’t satisfied with one company don’t just “stick it out” – try somewhere new. Do your research first to make sure they’re a reliable provider with a good reputation in the industry. It’s all well and good to have a cleaner, but it’s no good if they’re only doing half the job you wanted and you have to finish it off by yourself.

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