How Long Does It Take to Install A Garden Shed?

You’ve decided to put up a garden shed, and you’re pretty excited about the idea. You should be. Garden sheds are a great way to reduce household clutter while sprucing up your yard. You can use the shed to keep your gardening tools and other outdoor items like bikes, skateboards, scooters, lawnmowers, hose pipes, and more.
A garden shed can also be converted into a club house, entertainment space, or workshop. It’s ideal for DIY crafting and other hobbies. It can also provide emergency accommodation if you have one too many relatives visiting for a holiday.
There are different types of garden sheds. Some consist of prefab parts that simply need to be assembled, and these are the easiest to install. You go to a pre-assembly company and buy the shed units, which usually come in a flat pack. The pack contains walls, roofing, nuts, bolts, and other and adhesive materials. It might also include a tool kit.
If you’re putting up this kind of shed, you can either do it yourself or ask the shed company to send their installation team. Since they are professionals, they’ll put up the shed much faster than you would on your own. Professional construction crews can usually put up a shed in one day, as long as the weather is suitable.
When you hire experienced shed builders, there are still a couple of things they’ll ask you to do on your own. Before they install your shed, you’ll have to lay a concrete slab for the shed to sit on. And after the shed is put up, you’ll need to seal the ground with silicone.
Sealing the shed base prevents rising damp from damaging your shed, and helps to prevent pests as well. You should only seal the inside of the base. The shed maker will explain how to seal the shed and can answer questions if you have them. If you lay the concrete slab in advance, putting up the shed will only take a few hours.
Pre-assembled sheds are set up in a way that if you really want to, you can put it together yourself. They come with comprehensive instructions and clearly labelled parts. The shed manufacturer will deliver the parts to your door, and you can always call them back if you need any extra assistance.
If you choose to build your garden shed from scratch, then it’s sure to take a lot longer. You’d have to decide if you were building out of wood, galvanised sheeting, or brick. Then you’d have to source the materials and cut them into the correct sizes.
Unless you have professional construction skills, this can be quite an undertaking. Even if you’re a pro, building a raw shed from the ground up could take anything from a few days to a few weeks. You’re much better off with a pre-assembled shed that can be done in hours.
There are many steps you can take to speed up the construction of your shed. When you first decide to install a shed, select a suitable site. Pick a section of the yard that is even. If you pick a hilly or rocky section, it will take more time and effort to clear and level the site. Look for an area with minimal vegetation, especially old tree roots.
Plan to lay your slab well in advance of construction day. The slab needs time to cure and dry, and if you leave it too close, issues may come up that will delay construction. Plan to have your slab completed three or four days before your shed construction crew arrives.
If possible, put up your shed during a season that as good weather. Sheds put up in the wet season will take forever because the rain will keep interrupting your work. Professional crews prefer not to work on windy days which leave them open to injury and scheduling delays.
Ideally, plan to install your shed in the fall, when temperatures aren’t too hot to work in, breezes are gentle, and the sky is mostly dry. If you can’t wait that long, look at the weekly weather forecast and hope its accuracy is close enough to let you work uninterrupted.

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