How Can European Oak Flooring Add Beauty and Elegance to Space?

European oak flooring brings so much beauty and advantages to the modern home. Its sheer polished look makes your house look stylish and elegant. It can complement the house in ways that will add value to the entire investment. The ease of cleaning the floor will make living more comfortable and luxurious. 

The following are ways in which European oak flooring will inject elegance to the interior space. Consider these advantages before deciding on the type of flooring to buy. These are some of the benefits that this type of flooring has over other options.

Contemporary Look and Feel

European oak looks appealing to the eye and is mostly preferred in modern homes. The traditional options have a lot of graining, making them feel odd and unstylish. European oak has its rings growing close together, resulting in a uniform and smooth look. Similarly, it has linear mineral streaks which makes it an excellent option for modern houses.


Durability of Flooring

You do not want to spend a fortune just repairing or having your floor remade. What you want is a beautiful and glossy surface that is durable and not prone to damage. That is what the flooring does for your house. It is rated highly for hardness, thanks to its resilience. You can place heavy appliances, furniture, and house equipment on it without compromising its integrity.


Water Resistance

Why is this type of flooring a perfect fit for the kitchen? Because it has close graining. This means that its pores are fitted with teloses that do not allow water and other fluids to permeate. It is the same reason why it is preferred for building boats and front doors. Water is easily wood’s worst enemy, so it’s better to go for the most resistant flooring. When the surface is carefully coated and polished, it will be tough for moisture to penetrate and cause damage. 

Range of Shade Options

European oak does well as far as avoiding stains is concerned. Whenever stains show up, your reactive treatment is enough to get them out. After all, this type of flooring is available in different shades. Choose the one you think is best for you while also complementing the look and feel of your interior space. Among the most common shades options are brown, dark tan, grey and other neutral colours. 


The fact that European oak is cost-effective makes it affordable for most homebuilders and homeowners. This helps in injecting modernity and elegance to your house. It is among the species of wood with exceptional forestation standards, not just in Europe but in North America as well. It grows with lots of abundances, and that means the flooring is not rare. While it is currently cost-effective, flooring experts predict prices may go higher because of the increased demand. 

Easy to Customize Are you looking for a custom made flooring option to match your personality and lifestyle? Then European oak flooring is the best option. Since it is a blander palette, the human eye is attracted to the natural imperfections. Additionally, graining and knotholes on the surface of your floor add character that you cannot get with other options and flooring products. For a more sophisticated look, have your flooring treated with saw marks, wire brushing and hand scraping technology. 

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