How a New Dining Table Can Freshen Up Your Dining Room

Dining rooms aren’t just a place to sit and eat, they satisfy the two primal needs of human beings; hunger and socialisation. Families associate dining rooms as a place of bonding, having important discussions and sharing fine cuisine.
If you’re looking for new ideas to replace your old dining table, you’ve come to the right place. A new piece of furniture can brighten up just any room, but the dining table is shared by all, and getting a new one is good news for everybody!

Before you go wandering from one leather lounge store to another, take a look at some of the ways how a new dining table can freshen up your dining room. You can incorporate these trendy ideas along the way. ​

The Contemporary Pedestal Table

the contemporary pedestal table

​Pedestal tables with a glass top explore the avant-garde style. However, thin marble tops are equally popular among buyers. It’s a contemporary design that comes in a variety of colours and can be placed anywhere from small apartments to big houses.

The Round / Oval Table

​The classic round or oval tables exhilarate a vintage aura with wooden carvings, intricate textures, and comfortable chairs. Round tables allow equal socialisation and reachability of food items due to its similar distance from the center for all seated individuals.
the round oval table

Farmhouse Style Dining Table


I have seen these shabby farmhouse style rectangular tables in studio apartments, in the backyards near a BBQ grill, and in actual farmhouses. It’s the perfect option for people who like to keep their furniture simple and minimalistic.

Eight-to-Ten-Seater Regal Style Table

The regal style dining table that caters up to ten people at a time is a great choice for the house in the suburbs, or uptown maybe, where you know you’re going to host a dozen parties this year. Everyone can sit around comfortably, drink wine and have a fine dining experience. Ooh-la-la
eightto ten seater regal style table

Things to Consider before Purchasing A Table

You should consider these things before making a purchase.

  1. When you place the dining table, make sure you leave enough room (at least three feet) around the table so that the chairs can easily be pulled out.
  2. When buying a big dining table with twelve or ten chairs, your dining room should be spacious enough to let everyone move around comfortably.
  3. Dining tables can be decorated with blingy runners, beautiful centrepieces, and table mats. A small, clean plant or fresh flowers in the middle can further enhance its beauty.
  4. If you ask my go-to advice for adorning a dining table, it will always be the one and only candle trick! A candle stands with scented candles (battery operated work fine too) is perfect for a romantic dinner.
  5. Keep your dining table clean by buying the right products from the market investing in a decent glass surface cleaner and wood polish goes a long way!

Let us know in the comments section how your new furniture bought joy for you!

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