Getting The Most Attractive Pool Fencing Options

A home is one of the most important investments a person can make. It is something that should increase in value over the years, particularly when the owners perform renovations and improvements that increase the structural integrity or enhance the aesthetics of their property.
The installation of quality glass panel frameless, or semi-frameless pool fencing can bring a lot of stylish elegance to the residence, providing safety while leaving the view unobstructed. People take a lot of pride in the appearance of their home and do a great deal to improve it such as installing a pool for recreational purposes. While these are not only a lot of fun to hang out at during Australia’s warm days, they often make a huge impact on one’s property value.

However, to comply with the safety by-laws of the local council, a proper fencing surround must encompass the area, though that does not mean one has to sacrifice aesthetic beauty in that process. One of the most classically elegant choices of pool fencing is a frameless glass balustrade that brings to mind the simple sophistication that was a popular choice for the 1960’s elite. This type of structure relies heavily on the importance of design to maintain the beauty of the property, but it does so in a way that does not compromise the required level of safety demanded by law.

All local council stipulations are adhered to carefully, ensuring that the home’s value receives maximum benefit and the view is not compromised in any way. This is classic contemporary design featuring floating glass panels that are supported by small, barely noticeable braces placed along the base. There are no poles or lines presenting an obstruction to the view from the recreational area, or creating an intrusive barrier that disturbs the overall flow of the house and property. There was a time when this pool fencing option was only available to those who had an astronomical budget, but now this innovative concept is much more affordable.

The glass floats are 12mm thick and come in several different lengths, ranging up to two meters, manufactured by a process that toughens them above the normal standards so that they will be suitable for the challenging conditions of Australia’s unique climate. They are held in place by hardware of a Marine Grade stainless steel and powder coated, high quality, anodized aluminum for strength, beauty, and durability. The pool fencing installation can be fitted with various fixing profiles that are designed to comply with budget restrictions and site specifications like face pins, channels, and spigots. A somewhat more cost effective and economical alternative to the classic no-frame design, is a semi-frameless glass balustrade that encompasses the area in safety, without detracting from the full aesthetic of the home.

This is a viable option for almost all homeowners who wish to achieve a look that is sleek and modern, at a savings that can be up to thirty percent. There are a range of selections in this category that are designed to comfortably fit into several different budgetary constrictions, allowing more individuals to enjoy such beautiful pool fencing surrounds. Slim vertical poles, made from anodized aluminum, finished in either silver or a standard matte black, are used to connect the 10mm floating panels of toughened glass which complies with all local safety standards and regulations. There are no rails running horizontally across the top, or along the bottom of these surrounds, to disturb the flow of the view. This type of product utilizes the same high quality components such as spigots, posts, railing, hinges, latches, and gates, as the frameless pool fencing designs.

Absolut Custom Glass Systems is one of Australia’s leading glass balustrade and pool fencing companies, that has been operating in the industry for more than fifteen years. Their goal is to provide homeowners with a high quality, contemporary and classic way to create a safety barrier for their swimming structures, decks, and balconies. They focus on design elements that will add to the value of a person’s property while complying with all local council regulations.

The company places so much value on client satisfaction and their reputation, that they back up their products and workmanship with a ten year warranty on each installation’s structural integrity. They will never cut corners because providing their customers with a dependable pool fencing, designed specifically to withstand harsh climate conditions, is a high priority. They have employees who are dedicated to quality, and possess the necessary expertise to create custom frameless architectural surrounds, utilizing clear, tinted and colored, raked, and curved glass designs.

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