Getting Ready for a Home Renovation

​Looking for a design for your home renovation? Oppidan Homes is the answer. Oppidan Homes has been excellently serving Sydney for more than 30 years. It has established its name in the industry of crafting and constructing for the commercial and residential property. The excellent ideas are from our two directors namely, Gavin Cohen and Steven Guild. Both are sharpened by experience. They were able to handle home renovation, a medium size project, and even industrial projects. They were the initiators that impose the attitude that every project is a success once you have looked into it positively and believe that you can do it.

Our team is composed of experts, such as interior decorators, landscapers, in-house designers, pool designers, and builders. It is a complete package; professionals gathered together to perfect your dream house or business. Fantastic results are visible across the streets of Sydney.

We build your dream house

It is important that we satisfy your request. Our team is keen to details on how you want your home to be reinvented. The forte of Oppidan is home renovation. Our professionals collate data to thoroughly assess the client’s requested designs, lifestyle, and budget. Our company also visits the property location to fully determine the feature and environmental alignment and to build cost-effective strategies. We want to guarantee that our services will make you happy.

The entire process is handled by the team. You don’t need to stress about it. We regularly set site meetings to address future issues or check the progress on-site. We promise to take responsibility for all the quality control of the construction. Major and minor decisions are reported to you for your approval. Oppidan will make sure that your home renovation has met all the standards in the law. We will provide occupation certificates for this. Once you have moved in, our team will still check upon you, if there is any issue that needs to be addressed.

Oppidan and Your Home Renovation

Oppidan is one of the most trusted companies that guarantee to give quality service. Our team can manage the task for your home renovation and design. 

Tips to Ready You for Home Renovation

  • Plan—make your request concrete, such as product selections and budget to avoid delays.
  • Compare price—when calculating expenses, you must also consider the maintenance and repair cost.
  • Find someone that could help you—hire us to help you decide and plan for your home renovation. Oppidan is willing to assist you with all your questions with regards to home renovation. We can help you come up with ideas and your estimated budget for the work.
  • Visit website reviews—check our testimonial page; our loyal customers can attest that we have provided them a quality service.
  • Sign a specific contract—it must have the correct address, start and end date, and all process that must be done should be written too. Here in Oppidan, we will undoubtedly draft the contract and walk you through the process of your home renovation.

We Would be Glad to Hear You

You can talk to Oppidan representatives anytime and anywhere you want. All you have to do is reach us through our contact numbers. You can also visit our website and leave a query, and we will attend to it quickly. View the latest projects that we have worked on. We can provide you a free consultation. 

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