Fabric Vs Leather Lounges Which Is The Best Choice For You?


Choosing the right lounge is hard, they are a big ticket item and when chosen correctly will last you for seven to ten years. There is a lot of debate when it comes to leather Vs fabric, and ultimately your choice will have a big impact on your room.
When it comes to leather grades, this depends on what part of the cowhide has been used. If you want a leather lounge that lasts – select a higher grade of leather as it will get softer over time.

Fabrics are tested on a machine that counts the amount of time it’s rubbed before the fibres start to wear. The higher the rub rate, the longer it is going to last.


A fabric lounge will add a casual atmosphere to any space instantly, it’s soft, and by choosing a mid-tone neutral colour your lounge will stand the test of time.
When it comes to creativity – fabric gives you more than leather thanks to the range of styles, colours and textures available.

  • Fabric allows you to put your stamp in your place.
  • There are always new colours, styles and fabrics being launched. If you like a modern look opt for a textured, woven fabric. For a casual country-style opt for a soft, feather linen look lounge.
  • Fabric lounges tend to be cheaper than leather, but a good quality fabric or good framing will make the lounge more expensive.
  • Compare the ease of cleaning, comfort and durability, spending a little more on your fabric lounge means your lounge will look better for longer.
  • Wash and wear covers can help prolong the life of your sofa. The great thing about fabric slipcovers is they can be washed or replaced over time and are comfortable to sit on.
  • Fabrics that have a high natural content – such as cotton or linen will tend to fade quickly, and textured weaves can lose their elasticity over time. It’s worth working out what you want before you hit the shops. Ask yourself – is the lounge going to be exposed to a lot of natural light? Do I care if the sofa wrinkles over time? Do I want something soft and squishy or firm and formal?
  • The prints, colours and patterns of fabric can date, if you want your lounge to stand the test of time go for a solid colour and accessorise with patterned cushions – they are easier to update. If you have pets or children fabric can lose it’s newness quickly – spills, pet hair and grime are not as easy to remove from a fabric lounge as they are from a leather lounge.
  • It can be easy to tell a quality lounge from a cheaper one, open the zip in the cushions and feel the thickness of the fabric, lift the lounge to feel the heaviness of the frame and ask about the quality of the foam cushions before you buy.


Leather upholstery lasts at least five years longer than fabric. The hides are stronger than fabric and more stain resistant (in darker colours) and are less likely to fray or tear. Because of this, a good leather lounge is one you are going to keep for half a lifetime. Unlike fabric leather can be easily wiped down to clean up spills when you have pets, kids and babies around.

  • White leather lounges can make a room feel light and airy, but without the cleaning that white fabric needs.
  • The leather is upmarket, and nothing really beats the sophistication of a leather lounge. A good quality leather on a classic style lounge is definitely seen as *high end*.
  • Unfortunately, leather needs a little more TLC and will need regular moisturising to keep the leather soft.
  • White leather can show more markings on it than the darker colours do so it will require more maintenance.
  • In extreme temperatures, leather can be either too cold, or too hot to sit on, and if it’s hot, it can be sweaty and sticky. Having the right room temperature makes a big difference to your comfort levels.

If you are still not 100% sure which lounge is right for you why not mix and match your room with both leather and fabric to create an eclectic but homely look and feel.
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