Decking or Pavers – Which Is Better for A Pool


Your pool is in. Probably now you are having visions of morning coffee’s outdoors or watching the sunset by the pool… Timber decking and/or pavers are both great ways to use and transform that space around your swimming pool. You can use the space to create a peaceful and relaxing spot to sit, read, listen to music and so much more. Both decking styles have their advantages and their disadvantages – so which one is right for you.
Pool decking can not only improve the look of your pool area it can also make it a great place to entertain. Whether your pool is above ground, or below ground the deck you choose is important.
Decks should –

  • Be attractive
  • Be cool to touch
  • Be comfortable to walk on
  • Have a non-slip surface

Ultimately the type of material you choose depends on durability, cost and maintenance.

Wooden decking

A wood deck adds to the natural beauty of your outdoor area and it is a suitable choice as long as you understand that there will be care and maintenance needed to keep it looking good. Teak is a great choice as it’s durable, and is resistant to mould, mildew and insects, but a lot of people also chose pine as it is less expensive. You can also choose a composite material that looks like wood but isn’t. With this type of material, you don’t have to worry about water proofing and it doesn’t require any of the same maintenance that wood needs. For a really elegant look consider some of the more expensive woods such as redwood or mahogany – these woods can withstand the changes in weather, they are robust and don’t splinter easily and this is why they are a great choice for your pool decking.
Before opting for a wood deck there are advantages and disadvantages –

  • Wood rots, but some varieties are water resistant
  • Wood is environmentally friendly
  • Wooden decks will need to be sealed and waterproofed every 12 months
  • Most wood looks great in any backyard
  • Wood can be harder to install than other materials
  • Wooden decks can be easy to maintain – if you choose the right wood

Timber decking is a great way to create a stylish level area in your yard that is perfect for entertaining. It can also help you get more from your yard especially if you have any steep or *unusable* areas around your pool – uneven ground etc can be turned into a useable space. Decks look amazing but before you build one around your pool talk to your pool supplier first, they will be able to advise you of your choices and suggest a style of deck more suited for your pool and yard.



When it comes to a pool deck for an inground pool pavers are a popular choice, they come in a range of sizes, shapes, textures and colours. Generally, there are two types of pavers – manufactured and natural stone pavers. It all depends on the look you want to achieve – and your budget – natural stone pavers are more expensive than manufactured stone pavers. The most common styles are cobble, flagstone, marble, granite, brick, slate and travertine.
The reasons people love pavers are –

  • The non-slip/non-skid surfaces
  • Reduced chance of staining
  • Similar in price to stamped concrete (manufactured pavers)
  • Fade resistant
  • Low maintenance – they are easy to repair simply remove the damaged paver and replace it
  • Hundreds of patterns, colours and textures to choose from
  • Lifetime guarantee on cracking and breaking – manufactured pavers

Paving is another great way to enhance your outdoors area and maximise the enjoyment you get from your pool. Pavers are more durable than timber, but in their own way, they still require some maintenance. The should be protected, so ensure that a good sealant has been used, this is to prevent damage by water from the pool, chemicals and the sun. You want to keep your pavers looking *young* for as long as you can.
Whichever option you choose, finishing off the area around your pool will not only transform your pool into a backyard oasis it will allow you to enjoy your pool and your backyard a lot more.
Selecting the right decking for your pool is easy once you base it on your own personal preference, but before you begin, consider the costs involved, where you live, available space, and the climate.

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