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Most Experienced Pool Builder

A dip in a pool can relax tired bones and muscles.  Often, people do it as part of their exercise regimen and healthy-living habits.  On other times, a pool is a focal attraction in some social occasions such as get-together parties, swimming parties, or any other special gatherings of families and friends or just even acquaintances.  In any case, having your private pool is a source of pride and pleasure in itself.  You can indulge in swimming activities alone, with your family or with anyone you wish to do it with.  You can do it anytime you want and in the privacy and comfort of your home and surroundings.

 A pool adds beauty and elegance to your homes.  It makes your garden view relaxing and stunning at the same time.  Thus, many homeowners are opting for swimming pool installation in their properties.  If you live in Australia and are on the lookout for a company whose expertise is swimming pool installation, we are the best one that can assist you.

If you have been more than 50 years in your line of business and still successfully operating and growing, you are a formidable company. Crystal Pools is the most experienced swimming pool builder in Australia.   We offer swimming pool installation for both residential (mostly in metro Sidney area) and commercial use (all over the country).  We make any size and shape from small indoor and outdoor design to Olympic size pools.

Master Builders and Expert Craftsmen

The excellent quality of services provided by Crystal Pools is backed by the kind of people it employs.  Most of our designers, master builders, craftsmen and plumbers are the best in their respective trades.  Their skills and expertise are honed through their decades of experience working with the company.  They are already considered seniors and masters in swimming pool installation.  You have the assurance that you are dealing with the best in the pool building industry.

Best and Tested Technologies

Technologies and innovations are expected to improve the quality of people’s lives. Because swimming pool installation is our core business, we have experimented and tested several techniques.  That is how we are convinced that our technology is the most superior method available.  The pools that we build last a long time not just through the years but through decades.  This is because we comply with the highest engineering and safety standards.


There are pool builders that offer their services at unbelievably low prices.  Beware because once you are hooked, you become a victim to their unscrupulous ways.  That would be a very stressful and dreadful experience.  Worse, the quality of their work is unreliable.  So don’t fall for sweet talking sales agents and companies that offer special prices for their services.  

We are consistently transparent with our dealings.  Our fees and charges are presented upfront, right at the time when you sign your contract with us.  We do not do insertions or charge additional fees after we begin the swimming pool installation.  Every detail and cost about the job required are discussed with you during the negotiation process.  Our good reputation is one of the secrets of how and why we stayed long in this business.

It is our gratitude and pride that our contribution in Australia’s pool industry is significantly recognised.  Because of our decades of excellent service, we consistently win awards both locally and internationally.

From the smallest to the biggest project we have handled, we have delivered to the utmost satisfaction of the customers.  Nothing would exclude you from our guaranteed performance.  Entrust to us your swimming pool installation, and you will get the same excellent service they have experienced with us.

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