Creating the Best Structures for Outdoor Living

Backyards are not the same anymore with the advent of outdoor living. Most people are no longer content to have a backyard area that consists of grass and a garden. Pergolas, patios and alfresco spaces have emerged as the new stars of the backyard. This change has come about because these structures enhance the functionality of the yard. With a pergola or an alfresco space in place, you can now get more use out of your backyard area as an entertaining outdoor space. Selecting one or the other for your outdoor area is entirely up to you and your needs.

When selecting the outdoor structure that would work best for you, you must know what their differences are and what distinguishes one from the next.

Pergolas are primarily made of wooden beams that have vertical supports and lateral beams forming a lattice overhead. This lattice is not entirely enclosed, thus exposing the area underneath to the elements. It is for this reason that pergolas are not the best choice for year-round entertainment. They are best enjoyed during times of mild weather and clear skies. Using them as supports for climbing plants and flowers, which could tie together the garden and the home, thus creating a continuous aesthetic from point to point, has also used pergolas to enhance gardens.

Patios, on the other hand, are often constructed using sturdier materials. Some are brought up using metals, like steel, while others make use of stones of different types. Patios differ from pergolas in their use of overhead covering. This makes them suitable for use at all times of the year. Patios can be designed to suit a wide variety of specifications and design ideas with enhancements like fireplaces, outdoor kitchens and even entire media areas. The overall scope and look of a patio are now limited only to your imagination.

Like patios, alfresco spaces are outdoor edifices that come with a roof-like structure. They differ from patios, however, in the way that they are constructed. The roof of an alfresco space is usually built underneath the existing roofline of the main home. Once an alfresco space has been installed, a casual glance will not give any indication that its roofing exists separate from the main roof. Alfresco spaces are also ideal for use at any time as they provide some shelter from the elements.

Getting into the trend of outdoor living is now a trendy part of homeownership. Having an area outdoors that has been modified and enhanced has become the ideal for everyone. These outdoor structures have even been shown to boost the value of whatever home they may be constructed in. As the homeowner, the decision to erect an outdoor structure for relaxation and entertainment is a given. All that is left is the choice of structures based on what you feel would work best for you on your property. Once you have chosen the ideal alfresco design or dreamt up the patio will have them green with envy, make sure to commission only the best builders to help you bring your dream to life. Their expertise will serve to produce an outdoor living area that will redefine comfort and relaxation while inviting others to enjoy this space that is now an external extension of your home.

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