Consider a Pool Reno to Update Your Pool This Winter

Winter time is the perfect opportunity to renovate your pool. During the colder months, your pool is not in use which makes it a great time to give it a revamp or some much-needed maintenance and renovations. Whether you want to improve the overall look of your backyard pool or require maintenance, wintertime is ideal to drain your pool and rustle up some contractors to get the job done.
There are many renovations that can be done to spruce up your pool this winter to have it looking like a pristine oasis when it comes to summertime. There are many practical and cheap ways to make your backyard pool look beautiful and this post is dedicated to giving you some handy ideas to revamp your pool area.


Lights are an inexpensive option to brighten up your pool. By simply installing lights around and in the pool, you can dramatically change the appearance of your pool. When lighting your pool think of the placement in a holistic manner and this will help you determine the number of lights required to light up your pool. LEDs are a great option as they are efficient and won’t push your electricity bill through the roof. There are also waterproof LEDs that can be installed in your pool. They come in a range of colours and sizes and can be tailored exactly to your liking.

Pool Art

Getting creative with some pool art is an ideal way to give your pool a much-needed makeover. There are many options such as the cost-effective drop-in style. These are pretty mats that are designed to sink to the bottom of your pool and stay there. They often look like tiled mosaics and when they are at the bottom of your pool, it’s hard to distinguish the difference between a mat and a real mosaic. That leads me to another option. If you have the pool drained and you’re feeling enthusiastic, why not get the family together and create a tile mosaic. Tiles are relatively cheap and DIY mosaic will look great and not break the bank.  If you do have some money to burn why not get an artist to do your pool art for you. Simply google pool art for some ideas for your pool. There are some great designs out there from sunken cities to life like looking marine animals.

Resurfacing the Deck

The decking of your pool will be one of the first things to perish and look tatty. A way to combat this is to resurface your deck. Natural stone tiles are a great option for this as they have a non-slip surface which is ideal for around the pool. Not only are they safer they look great and will compliment almost any pre-existing styles.

Water Features

Water features and waterfalls are a great way of adding value to your pool and home. There is a plethora of options on the market and you can also get them custom built using artificial rock that looks real. The constant white noise of a waterfall in your pool will add to the relaxing aesthetic that the waterfalls provide.

Resurfacing the Pool

The surface on old pools will often be tarnished and may even have leaks. If you think your pool is leaking or the surface looks old and tatty, resurfacing is a relatively cheap way to get your pool up to scratch for the summer to come. A smooth pool plaster is used that comes in a variety of colours that will make your pool look great and fix any surfacing problems you might have come across.

A Leveler

An automatic leveler is a handy tool that will with the maintenance of your pool. The leveler will detect when your pool is drying up due to evaporation and fill it accordingly. This product will save you time and they are quite cheap.

Plants and Decor

Revamping your pool areas doesn’t have to solely rely on the appearance of the pool itself. Your pool should be an inviting oasis on a hot summers day and this includes décor and furniture. Turn your pool area into a shady place filled with tropical plants and some beautiful outdoor furniture. Also, consult your local nursery and find out which plants will be best suited for around your pool. There is an extensive range of outdoor furniture on the market and a lot of it is quite stylish. So splash out and get some new furniture and maybe a shade sale to protect your family from the harsh Australian sun.

So this winter when it comes time to do some much-needed renovations to your pool, get a clear picture in your head as to what you want and explore some of the many options online before making your decisions. A little prior planning will save you time and money when giving your pool a makeover.  

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