Choosing the right balustrades for your home

​A balustrade is simply a railing that is held up with some supporting posts, and you’ll find balustrades around swimming pools, on staircases and balconies and used as perimeter fencing.
Today balustrades are a stunning addition to any home, old or new, brick, fibro or weatherboard, they add a unique style that can completely change the appearance of your home and give it the real *wow* factor.
Using balustrades in and around your home is simple, it just takes time and a little planning – here are a few simple tips to get you started.

  • Do your research first and find the styles you do and don’t like
  • It is possible to turn old looking staircases and balconies into works of art. Balustrades are available in a range of styles that give your home a new look that is still functional. Those necessary security features don’t have to look drab and boring.
  • As with any make over or renovation always keep your budget or price range in mind.
  • Cut out any pictures from magazines or display home brochures and keep them, sit down and divide them into 2 piles, the ones you like and the ones you are unsure of/ know you don’t like. This way you’ll be able to see the styles you gravitate towards and like best.
  • If building a new home, take your house plans with you so your supplier can see not only the dimensions of the balustrades needed but also where they will be located.
  • Always visit a reputable supplier. You will find staff with a good knowledge of their products who will be able to guide you so you end up with the style and product that is suitable for your home. Make sure that all their products meet the relevant Australian Safety Standards and BCA codes. NEVER compromise on safety!
Some materials of balustrades available to purchase include – Glazed, Aluminium, Stainless steel and a combination of all these materials – depending on if the balustrades are for indoor or outdoor use.
When choosing the right material for your balustrade there are factors to consider – including:

  • Maintenance of the product
  • Safety
  • Costs involves
  • The general look, feel and appeal of what will be the finished product
  • Where your balustrade will be located – inside or outside
  • The strength and durability of the product
When you are ready to start shopping around for your new balustrade it’s the perfect time to ask yourself the questions the salesperson will ask you, and if you are well prepared it will help save time.

  • Do you have your house plans with you?
  • Do you want/need internal or external balustrades?
  • If you are building – what style of house are you building? Modern? Colonial? Industrial? Contemporary?
  • Do you have any particular style in mind?
  • What materials are you fixing the balustrade to? Cement? Timber? Etc.
  • What style or type of handrail are you after? Have you considered combining materials? You can mix materials to create your own unique style – for example semi-frameless glass with a timber handrail
  • Where are you building? Are you near the coast? For external balustrades, you may want to consider powder coated aluminium to minimise ongoing maintenance.

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