5 Reasons to Choose Wood Flooring

Although there are several flooring options available in the market, many peoples still consider solid wood as one of the best picks due to its classic timelessness. Also, more people are increasingly using engineered wood floorboards because it is relatively cheaper than solid hardwood and has water-resistant properties. 

The following are the top reasons why you need to invest in wood flooring.


One of the most significant benefits of wood flooring is that it is versatile, meaning that it can fit in all the rooms in your house. Solid hardwood is ideal for living areas such as the lounge, kitchen, and home office. Engineered wood floorboards, on the other hand, are suitable for basements and bathrooms because they are built to withstand large amounts of water.


Another advantage of installing wooden floors is that they are durable. Because of the compact nature of wood, these floors can withstand heavy traffic without wearing out. This makes wood a cost-effective pick, as you do not have to spend regularly on repairs and replacements.

Even better, you can prolong the lifetime of your wooden floor by applying a protective coat with a quality sealer. If you top this with regular cleaning and other maintenance routines, your floor can last for many decades.

Easy Maintenance

Unlike carpeted floors, wood is remarkably easy to maintain. All you need to keep the surface clean is a broom and a damp mop for scrubbing away stains. If you spill a sticky substance, you can clean it using a specialized gentle scrubber designed for hardwood flooring. 

You can also clean wooden floors using vacuum cleaners. However, it would be best if you used a model that does not have a beater bar or one that disables the bar when you activate the hard floor mode.


You can refinish a solid hardwood floor for up to seven times before it needs a replacement. This means that a well-maintained floor can last for a lifetime. In the case of engineered wood floorboards, you can refinish them at least once before you get a substitute.

When you compare the cost of purchasing a hardwood floor that will last for decades with other options that need replacing every five years, it comes out as the more cost-effective pick.

Allergen-free Properties

Wood is healthier than other materials used for flooring because it does not harbour allergens such as dust and dander. Carpeted floors are notorious for this shortcoming, making them unsuitable for people suffering from allergies. Even if the dust settles on the wooden floor, you can easily clean it, but the same does not apply to fabrics such as carpet.


Wooden floors are the epitome of elegance among the various flooring materials used by most homeowners. Besides, they are durable, healthy, easy to clean, and, more importantly, cost-effective. The upfront costs might be substantially higher than other options, but it repays over time by lasting for extensive periods. If you had doubts over whether wood flooring is the right option for your home, the reasons mentioned above should clear them.

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