You feel it is finally time to have a deck in your home, and several visions have gone through your mind on how this space will look like. A hammock at the corner making it a perfect spot for those sunny afternoons you want to catch up on a book, adequate space for your barbeque parties, or just simply having a patio table where you unwind with your family after a busy week. We understand the need to extend the outside of your living area. But before you go ahead and build the deck, there are a few things you will need to take into consideration, to be exact, four different products that you need to think of while building your deck.

1. The Use of Hardwood On Your Deck

Hardwood gives that gorgeous and sleek finish that will impress your friends and family on the next barbeque event; thus, it is the perfect material to use on your deck. A versatile material that will easily complement your entertaining area, and with the advancements, the new decking designs don’t have visible nails and screws, giving it an excellent finish.

2. How About Bamboo Decking?

If you don’t like the idea of hardwood, you can look into bamboo decking, a new trend in decking design within the Australian market. Its popularity is due to the dark or light colour options you can explore; these are built with a sturdy steel frame to ensure you enjoy your deck for years to come. Did we forget to mention that these decks are termite resistant while still being environmentally friendly, definitely enjoy the best of both worlds.

3. The Use of Aluminium for your Deck

If the wood finish is not your thing and you’re looking for an alternative that will require less maintenance, then an aluminium deck could be a good option for you. These decks tend to look similar to the wood counterparts but are much easier to maintain; there is no staining or sanding to be done just before the next family barbeque.

4. The Use of External Flooring Can Also Work.

Still looking for something that does not require too much maintenance from you? Try the external flooring; this deck is built with a range of inlay or tile options that have been designed to be bush fire compliant. It is durable and low maintenance, a perfect option for the busy families and still a safe option to have.


When you have decided on the material you prefer you still need to ask yourself, are you getting a professional or will you do it all by yourself? Getting a deck for your home is a long term investment, and in turn, when it comes to selling your home, you will notice the deck added some aesthetics and value to your home. With all this in mind, how about getting a professional to do the job. Remember it is a significant investment you are doing for your home, so do it right the first time.

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